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Our Divisions

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. is committed to marketing advanced technology irrigation solutions.
In recent years, the division has expanded to include a broader selection of products and has begun to develop new products in order to provide smart water solutions and improvements.
Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. is providing immediate response to customer’s needs in the field and has implemented a network of response teams that are able to be deployed as per customer needs.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. distributes a wide range of generic crop protection products and specialty chemicals. Our wide range of agrochemical products includes Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides. We keep in very close touch with the growers through a network of skilled company field representatives. Our representatives accompany the growers, manage endrow meetings, field trials, discuss crop protection issues and devise solutions.
The company is committed to high quality products, environment protection and R&D.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. provides a wide range of comprehensive packaging solutions such as: small baskets, trays, netting and a wide variety of bags.
Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. is the exclusive importer of several high quality packaging products
providing the Israeli market with a wide selection of cardboard boxes and packaging material.
Our packaging centers in Israel are highly advanced facilities providing high quality services for export products.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. supplies highly skilled technical services covering a broad range of areas among others agriculture equipment, fertigation and after care services.
Our technical services division is staffed by a team of experts who can respond to growers’ questions, troubleshoot problems and solve growing challenges.

Modern agricultural markets are highly competitive and challenging due to the need to increase agricultural yields while decreasing depletion of natural resources and minimizing damage to environment. Due to these developments we are witnessing over the past few years the developments of innovative agriculture technologies including the technology of Greenhouses in Israel and worldwide.
Hamashbir Agriculture offers a complete solution while maximizing the customer's needs. We provide professional consulting services, beginning from the planning through on-site execution and construction including coverings, accessories and internal control systems. The department also carries out complex projects in the field of cannabis, nurseries and hydroponics:
Greenhouse planning & construction
Professional consultation and planning through the completion of construction
Growing Control Systems for Greenhouses and Nurseries
Net Houses for Vegtables, Flowers and Orchads
Our Greenhouse division is staffed by a team of experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and construction of Greenhouses and in advanced systems for greenhouses in Israel and abroad. We have many specifications of existing models that can be adjusted so time and resources can be saved. The team provides a comprehensive solution from the planning and price proposal phase through the construction of an optimal Greenhouse, including internal control systems according to the conditions of the area and the crop needs, and also provides an after-service solution.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. wholly owns INVECTRA-AGRO LTD.,a Cyprus based company established in 2006 specializing
in distribution operation in East Africa markets. We are involved in four principal markets: liquid fertilizers, plant protection products, surfactants and seed dressing.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. owns several garden centers in Israel:
"Peka Hipper Garden"
Provides a comprehensive line of gardening and irrigation products to institutional clientele,
private gardens, local authorities and retail markets.

Hamashbir Agriculture
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